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10 Step Guide to Using Mental Hacks for Success, Happiness, and Money

1. Identify your life purpose

Helen Keller Life Purpose Quote

Having a life purpose gives you a reason for all of your actions. It is a compass for your life, helps you feel fulfilled, and provides you with meaning. Can you say you have a clear purpose in life? If not, find out how to get one here.

  1. Why having a life purpose is important
  2. How to discover and determine your life purpose in 8 steps
  3. Watch how to figure out your life purpose in 5 minutes
2. Set BIG, ambitious goals

Live Creatively Affirmation Maxwell Maltz

As it turns out, there is a systematic way to set and achieve big goals. This will drastically reduce the time it takes you to achieve goals and increase the results you realize. Nothing is more fulfilling than living on purpose: setting and achieving massive goals. You will never be bored. You will feel successful, happy, and energetic.

  1. How to set big goals why they will make you more successful
  2. Our free Achieving Ambitious Life Victories Workbook shows you exactly how to write and execute on quality goals
  3. Do you want to really step up your goal achievement? Consider the 100 Day Challenge.
3. Create affirmations to engage your subconscious

100 Billion Affirmation

Affirmations are a key tool to help you to focus on your goal and make achieving it more believable. Are you not sure affirmations work? The advertising industry in the US is a $100B industry ( Their core tool is repetitive messaging to drive your behavior in their favor.

Why not use the same methodology to shape your mind the way you want to shape it? Drive your subconscious behavior toward achieving what you want with affirmations.

  1. The ultimate guide to using affirmations for success, money, and happiness
  2. Affirmation examples
  3. Follow us by email and get an affirmation creation template
  4. Use our free tool to write your affirmations and have them delivered daily
4. Visualize your success

Georges St Pierre Visualization

Visualizing having already completed your goal activates the power of your subconscious–one of your most valuable, under-utilized assets. Just like affirmations, repetitive visual imagery is utilized as a primary tool by advertisers to drive your behavior. Use this same tool for your own desires. Mental imagery has been studies heavily, and is used by many high performing professionals, such as Olympic athletes and NASA astronauts.

  1. How to use visualization to achieve success and uncover hidden challenges
  2. How to delegate complex problem solving to your subconscious


5. Memorize your goals, affirmations, and visualizations

Certain societies have long required memorization as a core discipline for their members. Memorization allows secret information to be passed on for generations without the risk of having written words fall into the wrong hands. But are there other reasons memorization is a cornerstone of these groups?

Memorization has two key benefits: 1) It exercises your brain in a unique way, helping to keep you sharp longer. 2) If you memorize your life purpose, goals, affirmations, and visualizations, your focus and intention on them will be ratcheted to a new level. Memorizing allows you to deeply associate with your path. If someone asked you what your life purpose is, could you recite it to them word-for-word? If so, that is clarity of purpose.

More info on this forthcoming!

6. Seek coaching, mentoring, and criticism

Nothing excels you more than by seeing what great people are achieving. This can level jump your results and also change your perception of what’s possible. Having successful people engaged in your life also drastically reduces your risk of failure. Seek out and stand on the shoulder’s of greats. It’s easier than you think, and oftentimes, people will mentor you for free.

  1. How to get highly successful people to mentor and coach you for free
  2. 5 ways to use ego and criticism to boost personal and business results


7. Setup a Mastermind Group

If your goals are truly big and ambitious, having a trusted team will greatly improve your chances of success, help you over hurdles, and keep you from slacking. You typically tackle big problems and challenges at work with a team. Problems and challenges in your personal life are no different–you’ll achieve more faster with the help of a dedicated team.

  1. How to setup and run a Mastermind Group
  2. Mastermind Group success rules for top results
  3. Follow us by email to get our free 16 page ebook on Mastermind Groups
  4. If you need help finding people, use our 10 ideas for freshening up your network
8. Create actionable, tactical actions

In order to take figure out how to get started, it’s time to breakdown your goals. This step allows you to take a massive goal and bring it into something tactical. Something you can start doing now. And success wants you to get started.

  1. Create tactical actions by working by goals backward
  2. Have your first action step but don’t know when you can do it? Find out how to manage your time for success.
  3. As part of both your planning and action, check out our 5 ways to work smart, not hard
  4. Our free Achieving Ambitious Life Victories Workbook includes a Tactical Action Tracker section which helps guide you through breaking down goals and working them


9. Keep a positive attitude

Happiness and Success Quote

A lot of people get this far and stop. Once you establish a giant goal and realize you have the first step waiting for you, chances are a little fear will set it. Am I really going to do this? What will other people think? Having a positive attitude and maintaining it will keep you focused on opportunities. It will make other people want to help you. Simply put, having a positive attitude is the secret ingredient to repeating happiness and success over and over. Positive attitudes create luck.

  1. How having a positive attitude leads to success
  2. How to improve your attitude and stay positive
10. Get started by taking action now

Request to Subconscious Thomas Edison

By now you have some crazy goals with actionable steps. You may not have every detail in between, but you figure those out as they either come up or as you near them. Don’t plan for everything that may occur.

Start now!

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